What is Chiropractic Care?

Your body is a truly amazing organism. In addition to keeping everything running smoothly, your body has the uncanny capacity to heal itself. To do so, the body depends on a communication system of nerves to get messages to and from the brain. This communication system is called the nervous system. When a part of your body needs help, it sends signals via this nerve system to your brain, which sends back the proper signals to provide help.

In fact these nerves are so important, your body protected them with 24 bones called vertebrae. As you bend or twist, these vertebrae, which make up your spinal column, bend or twist with you. Thick cushions called discs pad each vertebra. Muscles and ligaments help hold them in position. On paper it all works perfectly.

However, occasionally something happens which forces a vertebra out of position to such a degree that even your muscles can’t pull it back. Chiropractors call this misalignment subluxation.  The joint between the vertebrae often becomes fixated; it no longer moves as fluidly as nature intended. Any number of things can cause these subluxations, ranging from improper lifting to taking certain drugs, to being under constant stress.  Whatever the cause, when vertebrae do become subluxated, they interfere with your nerves’ vital communication back to the brain. Your body, which has functioned so smoothly for so long, starts to betray you. You develop pain and other symptoms. Your resistance is weakened. Because your brain isn’t getting the message, your body loses its incredible ability to heal itself.

This is where your chiropractor can make getting healthy again seem so simple. By adjusting your vertebrae to remove the subluxation, your chiropractor removes the interference with the nerve, restores fluid motion, and allows the nerve to start communicating again with the brain. Your body starts healing itself immediately. Your pain is gone, often within minutes.

The simple fact is, in most cases, your body will heal itself. It wants to heal itself. It just needs a helping hand from your chiropractor. You and your loved ones should do all you can to see your chiropractor regularly or whenever you have signs of a problem.  Make sure that your body is doing all it can to heal itself and keep you healthy.

At the clinic we utilize over thirty different techniques that address the different aspects of your health. These include the standard osseous and light force adjustments, percussion, the use of therapeutic instruments, and activators.  These are complimented by a personal approach to the body, spine, and nervous system allowing your body to have the best natural care possible.

Dr. Frazier also utilizes cranio-sacral, cranio-visceral, Gonstead, A.K,  N.A.E.T,  and B.E.S.T.

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