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Personalized healing may be more than just an answer to your health problems; it may be the only answer. Holistic health care focuses on structural, nutritional, and emotional healing. This allows your body the most effective, safe, and natural support system in order for the body to heal itself.  When these elements are in harmony, it allows you to become a “total person” in health have the opportunity to return your body to its most effective state.

There is a triad of health and governing systems of the body. There is the structural component that deals with the physical position of the spine, the bones in the body, and physical injury. Then there is the emotional aspect of healing that many overlook. Emotional stress can affect more than just your emotions or mental attitude.  The death of a loved one, separations from a spouse or any other emotionally-charged trauma can create physical difficulties as well.  Pain will occur where it never did before. This is often a sign of an emotionally induced problem.e

Every day, we are surrounded by chemicals and additives that can deeply affect the body’s fragile chemistry. Substances such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, pollution, food preservatives and additives add considerable stress to the body. The FDA states that the average person consumes approximately nine pounds of food additives a year.  Little is known to date just how dangerous these additives and preservatives are, but they do seem to affect the body’s carefully balanced chemistry.  By taking into account the chemical (physiological) components of the body, along with the structural and emotional components. These are components are governed by the control systems of the Nervous and Energy systems. The Nervous system includes the spinal cord, nerves and the brain.  The Energy System includes meridians, chakras, and chi.

Troy Frazier 2014

Troy Frazier 2014


The body is always seeking balance and compensating when out of balance. You have to treat the cause of illness and disease as well as treat the compensations that allow your body to function and survive.

At Absolute Health Chiropractic and Nutrition Center we address many different injuries and illnesses while supporting the healing process. The focus is on each patient’s needs and unique healing concerns. Dr. Frazier, the founder and director of Absolute Health, has put together a unique “total person” approach .  One of Dr. Frazier’s patients was extremely sensitive to any kind of energy changing treatment like acupuncture or laser therapy.  Where others could easily handle a regular session of either of these therapies, this patient would become extremely ill.  Dr. Frazier worked with this patient to find the optimal level and length of time for each session, and every session was different.  It was the same with nutritional support. While other patients could take standard doses without adverse effects, this patient would again become extremely ill. Dr. Frazier didn’t discount this patient’s experience and tirelessly worked to find the right balance of support for the patient.  Because of this personalized care, the patient is one of our most regular customers. The patient said: “I feel like the staff really care about my experience and my health quirks. They treat me with respect and have helped me achieve a level of health that I didn’t think was possible!”

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