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I am Dr. Troy Frazier, owner of Absolute Health Center in Orem, UT. My chiropractic practice has been open for 15 years and I have helped thousands of patients! I am genuinely excited about the work I do changing people’s lives for the better. Many of my patients tell me I am the best chiropractor in Orem and Provo!

In my practice, I perform chiropractic exams and adjustments, long term therapy and analysis of your specific questions and issues. We provide bio-cleanse, homeopathy and nutritional guidance. My staff and I also do computerized testing to identify underlying health problems that show up as other symptoms. One example where alternative medicine / CAM is especially effective is with women’s thyroid problems.

While regular MDs tend to treat thyroid issues with hormones, I look at the underlying problems discovered through computerized testing. I use a combination of vitamins, herb, chiropractic and possibly acupuncture to address the underlying causes of weight gain, fatigue, loss of mental clarity and other symptoms that many people deal with every day.

Please call me at 801 221-1151 or email doctorfrazier@absolutehealthcenter.net.

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